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10 Common Insurance Terms and What They Mean


An estimate of property value, or of the extent of property damage, provided by an authorized person. Appraisals are performed to determine the value of property at the time of a loss.

2.Endorsement A statement added to an insurance policy that alters, deletes or adds coverage, terms or provisions of the policy.

3.Exclusion A provision in an insurance policy that excludes and/or limits certain coverages.

4.Garaging location

The address where a vehicle is usually parked or garaged, which could differ from the policyholder's primary residence or policy mailing address. Students attending school 100+ miles from home with a vehicle should use their school address as their garaging address.


The act of compensating for a loss.

6.Malicious mischief

Deliberate damage or destruction of another person’s property. For insurance purposes, it is typically covered under vandalism.


Steps taken to prevent or reduce the amount or likelihood of loss.

8.Residence premises

The physical location of the property for which insurance protection is provided. This is also known as the insured location.

9.Supplemental heating device

A fuel-burning appliance used as secondary heating source. Includes wood, coal and pellet stoves, cook stoves, freestanding stoves, freestanding fireplaces and fireplaces with inserts. To be insured, all units must have a separate flue, instead of sharing the flue of the primary heat source. A small, portable space heating unit is not considered a supplemental heating device.

10.Valuables Plus

Coverage available from Nationwide for property that is mobile in nature and may be of high value, such as jewelry, sports equipment, fine arts, antiques, or coin or stamp collections.

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