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10 states with the priciest auto insurance rates in 2022

2022 has proven to be a pricey year for a lot of folks, and those with personal vehicles have been hit hard by inflation. Throughout 2022, the cost of driving has certainly increased. A recent report from AAA found the annual price to own and operate a vehicle ownership topped $10,000 for the first time ever in 2022 – an increase of about $90 a month from 2021.

From higher prices at the pump, to inflated vehicle repair costs and climbing auto insurance premiums, many drivers have found themselves scrambling to stay on the road.

Of course, auto rates fluctuate from person-to-person, but one of the largest determinants of premiums is where an insured lives. According to Insurify’s 2022 Auto Insurance Trends Report, drivers who reside in highly populated urban areas tend to pay about 15% more for auto insurance than those who live in rural areas due to the increased risk of living somewhere densely populated, with higher traffic and crime rates.

The cities where drivers paid the most on average for auto insurance in 2022 included Detroit, Michigan ($4,593 annually), New York City ($3,657), Warren, Michigan ($3,098), New Orleans, Louisiana ($3,098) and Lithonia, Georgia ($3,098).

Factors like lower vehicle rate thefts and vandalism rates, as well as milder weather and less traffic can help make an area more favorable to lower auto premiums. Insurify’s report found the U.S. cities with the most affordable average annual rates were Honolulu, Hawaii ($768), Winston-Salem, North Carolina ($820), Raleigh, North Carolina ($929), Greensboro, North Carolina ($950) and Durham, North Carolina ($972).

In the slideshow above, we’ll look at the ten states where drivers have shelled out the most money for auto premiums throughout 2022.

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