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Carbon sequestration: options for a low-carbon future

As demands from government, industry, and consumers lead a global effort to reduce greenhouse emissions, carbon sequestration figures to play an important role in a successful low-carbon future. While carbon sequestration is an expensive venture, when looking at the industrial sector, carbon sequestration provides an opportunity to mitigate potential emissions from some operations that currently have limited to no other pathway toward decarbonization.

So what is carbon sequestration and what are the risks involved? Learn more in this video:

White paper: Carbon sequestration options for a low-carbon future

Our team of environmental specialists also put together an overview for those interested in learning more about and/or pursuing these projects. Throughout this overview you’ll learn more about carbon sequestration, including why and where companies are undertaking these projects, risks involved, and available tax credits.

Download a copy to learn more about risks, tax credits, economic impacts, and more. 

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