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Veronica R.

Excellent!!! Excellent!!!
I highly recommend for any insurance personal and business. Peter and his staff quickly respond back and provide the best prices.

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Thu P.

Peter and his team are quick and knowledgeable. They make sure you have the right coverage while saving you tons of money. If you need any insurance, home, or auto business, coming to Peter is a no-brainer. I recommend him to friends and family and will continue to do so.

Young Businessman

Ryan R.

I want to say thanks to Peter for helping me with my
Insurance for my business. They are great highly recommended !!! We are a construction business. They are very responsive. Finally, we have a good insurance company.

Personal Insurance

Modern House

Homeowner Insurance

Car Dashboard

Automobile Insurance

Image by Erik Witsoe

Umbrella Insurance

We offer reliable homeowners coverage to California dwellers so that we can help keep families safe in the event of theft, certain natural disasters, or types of water damage. We understand the several factors that affect the homeowners insurance premiums which can include:

  • Landlord

  • Rental

  • Condo

  • Earthquake

  • Flood

Auto insurance protects you against financial loss if you have an accident. It’s a contract between you and the insurance company. You agree to pay the premium and the insurance company agrees to pay your losses as defined in your policy.

  • RV

  • Motorcycle

  • Boat/ Watercraft

Umbrella insurance is extra liability insurance. This type of policy is designed to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits and thus it helps protect your assets and your future. It provides additional coverage above the limits of your homeowners, auto and boat policies.

Personal Insurance

Commercial Insurance

General Liability Insurance

If you own a business, you have probably been told a thousand and one times that you need general liability insurance. In fact, some employers, contractors, or clients may require you to carry this type of coverage before you can work for them. The world of business insurance may seem confusing, but it need not be. Read on to better understand what this protection is, why you, as a business owner, need it, and the costs involved.

Wet Floors
Industrial Worker

Workers' Composition Insurance

As a business owner with employees, an important insurance to have is workers’ compensation insurance. In many states, this type of insurance is legally required for conducting business. Even in states without the requirements, it is often a good idea to have. Before you start discussing your options with your insurance agent, it is beneficial to know the main details about this type of insurance to help you make an educated decision.

Business Owner Policy

Insurance provides protection in case the worst happens. There are many different types available to assist with almost every possible issue. For business owners, a business owners policy, also known as BOP, provides comprehensive coverage to protect their business. Whether you have a new business or are reviewing your coverage for an existing one, it is beneficial to understand the different options so you make an educated decision on the best one for you. There are some key features to understand about a BOP policy to determine if it fits your needs.

Confident Businesswoman
Hoods in a Line

Commercial Auto

This is your Service description. Use this space to describe what the service entails, benefits for users and any other important information. Have a lot to say? Easily turn any item into a full page by clicking ‘Create a page from this item’ in the edit panel.

  • Auto Dealers

  • Auto Repair Shops

Errors and Omissions

This is your Service description. Use this space to describe what the service entails, benefits for users and any other important information. Have a lot to say? Easily turn any item into a full page by clicking ‘Create a page from this item’ in the edit panel.

Team Meeting
Commercial Building
Commercial Building

Commercial Property

As Orange County business insurance experts, we know that whether you use vehicles to provide mobility for your employees, equipment, or products, you cannot operate without comprehensive company car insurance. 

  • Apartment owners

  • Real Estate Industry

Group Health

Health care is a business issue for every entrepreneur. Small businesses need health benefits and insurance plans that fit their workplace. As Orange County business insurance experts we know that choice, ease, and reputation are as valuable to employers as they are to employees. That’s why we offer a variety of plans for small businesses, from medical plans to dental and life plans.

Pharmacist and Patient

Salons/Nail Shops

Beauty shops are subject to state regulations to reduce the possible spread of disease. Each beautician, manicurist or other professional must also be licensed. Shops may employ beauticians and other cosmetic services professionals or may rent space to them as independent contractors who provide their own equipment. The status of the various professionals as an employee or an independent contractor must be determined since it may impact how coverages apply.

Young Beautician
Commercial Insurance
Image by Daniel Wiadro


Protecting any Manufacturing Business can be difficult and sometimes complex because the risks involved are unique.
Your assets and investment in the business must be fully and correctly protected.
This type of insurance cover is not suitable for ‘click & buy’ websites so for your own peace of mind, it is wise and often cheaper to use a specialist insurance provider like us.

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